Frequently Asked Questions
Why does Thales Australia work on Non-Navy vessels?
Thales Australia is a privately owned company that must compete for work and make a profit from its operations. The Garden Island site is no longer formally classed as a strategic asset by the Department of Defence and Thales Australia has to secure work from other sources to ensure the dockyard is viable. In the late 1980's and the early 1990's, the Navy moved half of its fleet to Perth and the ships remaining in Sydney would not sustain Thales Australia operations at Garden Island. As a result Thales Australia has to supplement its workload with commercial ship repair and other engineering activities.
In addition, as Thales Australia must compete for all Navy contracts, from time to time other ship repair companies may win work and carry out ship repair activities at one of the Navy wharfs (Fleet Base 1 to 5, West Wall and Oil Wharf).
Since late 1999 Thales Australia has been undertaking a large volume of Sydney Harbour Ferry work and some tug boat work. This is important to Thales Australia as we need to develop other customers that can provide regular work to us. This will assist Thales Australia to remain competitive and enhance our ability to invest in our business ensuring we have the best and safest equipment available.
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