Content Policy
Thales Australia and the Navy define the community at three levels - local residents, local community and the broader community. The primary focus for developing resources about Garden Island is firstly directed to local residents and secondly to the local and broader community. The overall aims of the web site are to:
  • Assist Thales Australia and the Navy to create a line of communication with local residents (and the broader community) that will assist them to understand operations on Garden Island and the relationship between Thales Australia and the Navy;
  • Provide local residents with current information about activities on Garden Island to assist in easing any concern that may arise from activities on Garden Island;
  • Provide an avenue for Thales Australia and the Navy to communicate with local residents in a dynamic and informative manner; and
  • Promote the historical and commercial value of Garden Island and associated activities on the site.
Wherever possible:
  • Material will be in plain English and fully accessible;
  • Material will be regularly updated to ensure currency and relevancy of material and;
  • Procedures for approval of material will be transparent to both Thales Australia and the Navy.
The management of material will be the responsibility of the Thales Australia Community Relations Manager.
Whilst Thales Australia and the Navy are committed to keeping the community informed of activities on Garden Island, that commitment is given subject to any matter which is beyond their control eg. national defence requirements, security issues or commercial in confidence matters.
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