Hotline Policy
The following outlines an agreement between Thales Australia and the Navy on the Garden Island Environmental Hotline.
Purpose of Garden Island Environmental Hotline
  1. To make it easier for people to make a complaint
  2. To ensure that people feel heard
  3. To meet EPA license conditions and address concerns raised by EPA
  4. To make it easier for Thales Australia and the Navy to manage complaints and target corrective action
  5. To help identify major concerns and address these trends/systemic problems in a unified manner
  6. To develop a whole of Garden Island database
Guiding Principles for the GI Environmental Hotline
  • Every effort will be made to ensure the contact/enquiry is brought to completion/resolved at the first point of contact. The system will aim for at least 80% of enquiries to be resolved (caller feels they have been heard and the matter will be investigated) at first point of contact.
  • Adequate information and training will be provided to CHUBB staff to assist them to achieve 80% resolve at first point of contact.
  • Thales Australia and the Navy will take responsibility for follow-ups and resolve of the problem-the complainant will not be required to make follow-up calls.
  • Thales Australia and the Navy will aim to provide feedback within 24 hours or agreed timeframe in accordance with severity of the problem.
  • Thales Australia and the Navy believe that:
    • Residents have the right to make complaints and raise concerns;
    • Complaints lodged with the hotline will provide an opportunity to improve; and
    • Complainants should have a positive experience in making complaints.
  • Thales Australia and the Navy have equal access to the data and reports.
  • Each party respects the right of Thales Australia/Navy to withhold information that may breach commercially/security sensitive matters.
  • Data collected will meet the EPA reporting requirements of Thales Australia related matters.
  • Each party will adhere to the protocol of approval for publicly disseminating data.
Title of the Hotline
Garden Island Environmental Hotline
Scope of the Hotline
  1. To handle environmental related inquiries/complaints relevant to GI and Fleet Base
  2. To provide a diverse range of communication options for local residents to lodge concerns about Garden Island i.e. voice & electronic
  3. There will be four stages to any contact made with the GI Hotline
    • Phase 1 - First Contact
    • Phase 2 - Investigation
    • Phase 3 - Feedback to Contact
    • Phase 4 - Report
    Thales Australia and the Navy will jointly address phases 1, 3 and 4. How each party manages the investigation is outside the scope of the Hotline.
Hotline Policy
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