Responses to Concerns
Thales Australia and the Navy aim to operate a fully functioning naval base and marine engineering site with minimum disruption to their surrounding neighbours. Over the years they have modified practices to ensure this is achieved.
In particular Thales Australia has:
  • Formalised procedures to ensure environmental impacts are considered and integrated in the establishment of project work plans and operations;
  • Modified vehicles and muffled sections of machinery that create noise;
  • Relocated work activities in the dry dock at various times of the day to ensure noise impacts are modified;
  • Modified and / or re-scheduled some work activities to reduce the impact of noisy activities after 10 pm where possible;
  • Continued noise monitoring at two locations on site and at the boundary with our neighbours;
  • Employed and dedicated appropriately trained staff to address environmental and community related matters;
  • Developed a Community Relations Plan and resourced the implementation;
  • Modified on-site lighting; and
  • Centralised a complaints handling system with the Navy.
The Navy has implemented similar modifications to that of Thales Australia as well as modifying particular practises including:
  • Assessing work schedules for ship maintenance for potential impacts on neighbours. If work on upper decks is required, ships are berthed at Fleet Base East 3 and beyond;
  • Berthing ships that do not require upper deck work at Fleet Base East 4 and 5;
  • The decommissioning of steam driven ships which has resulted in less noise generation because boilers are no longer required on a regular basis;
  • Scheduling the movement of ships between normal working hours wherever possible;
  • Modified social events at Kuttabul and kept outdoor activities to a minimum beyond 10.00pm; and
  • Reduced the use of Public Address (PA) systems on Garden Island and on upper decks of ships after normal working hours.
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