Thales Australia Community Relations Plan
Thales Australia has prepared a Community Relations Plan outlining how the company will keep local residents informed and engaged in the work on Garden Island. The Navy has supported the Community Relations Plan and are working jointly with Thales Australia on several of the key strategies.

The aim of the Community Relations Plan is to address the key concerns identified during the consultation process with local residents in January - February 2002 (conducted by Monica Redden Consultancy), as well as complaints made to Thales Australia over the previous 12 months by residents. The Plan initially expresses some simple guiding principles which represent the central themes of the Plan.
This Community Relations Plan then proposes key strategies for Thales Australia aimed at ensuring that residents concerns regarding Thales Australia's activities at Garden Island are heard and acted on wherever reasonably possible and/or feasible. The key proposals include:
  • Establishing an effective complaints handling system;
  • Working co-operatively with other operators on Garden Island to ensure there is comprehensive consideration and response to concerns of local residents;
  • Strategies to keep local residents informed of activities on Garden Island;
  • Strategies that will enable local resident input on how Thales Australia might operate differently; and
  • Changes to the internal operations of Thales Australia to ensure community impacts are integrated into the planning and management of company activities.
Of necessity, the Plan also acknowledges the limitations on Thales Australia's sphere of activities and ability to implement the Plan arising from the nature of Thales Australia's occupation of part of the Garden Island site, its interaction with other occupants and its inability to control all activities on the site.
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