Operational Conditions
Thales Australia and the Navy adhere to operational conditions set out in both State and Commonwealth legislation and regulations. Each organization is accountable for environmental, occupational health and safety and community related standards.
Thales Australia and the Navy have developed extensive procedures that are used to manage and control the work performed on Garden Island by Thales Australia. The procedures ensure the safety of the workforce, ships crews, subcontractors and visitors. These processes also consider the safety and well being of local residents and neighbours. The processes have also been developed to comply with Statutory regulations (EPA and WorkCover), Australian Standards and Commonwealth Standards and guidelines.
All activities are carefully managed, supervised and monitored to ensure compliance. Thales Australia and the Navy extensively brief all subcontractors and ships crews on the site requirements to ensure everyone is made fully aware of their obligations when working at Garden Island.
Navy and Thales Australia Project Managers develop various plans to ensure all work on a vessel complies with the requirements, the plans include:
  • Project Management Plan
  • Safety Plan
  • Environmental Plan - including mitigating impacts on the local community
  • Quality Plan
These plans are project specific and ensure the Contract requirements comply with site regulations and that all activities are properly planned and managed.
Additionally, Thales Australia is required to conduct its operations at Garden Island in accordance with an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Licence which includes conditions related to a range of standards for air, water, noise, lighting and community relations.

Whilst the Navy is not bound by State regulations, convention determines that they will comply with these standards.

In general Thales Australia and the Navy are able to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, giving due consideration to local residents, operations tend to be limited to the hours of 6.00am to 10.00pm. Sometimes, due to workloads or the Navy's operational and/or security requirements work will occur outside of these hours.
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