Thales Australia
The nature of the Thales Australia work carried out on site does generate a wide range of noise. The EPA License determines the range of noise levels that are acceptable between certain hours. These ranges tend to determine the type of activities that can be conducted throughout the day.
The greatest difficulty with any noise limit is that the limit is measuring the level or power of noise. Unfortunately there are many noises which are of an annoyance value such as one-off banging, chains on a trailer rattling when a vehicle moves, beepers installed on cranes to operate when the crane moves or whooshing sounds of hydroblasting machinery. These and other operating sounds will not necessarily register as a loud sound or breach of the noise limits, however for some people the noise is an irritant.
Thales Australia has and will continue to remove as many of these annoyance noises as possible. However, it must be appreciated that some noise is necessary for work to continue and some noises are essential for the safety of workers.
Thales Australia conducts continuous noise monitoring. Furthermore, in the event of an unusual occurrence, a loud noise or as a result of attention being drawn to an incident by a resident, Thales Australia investigates the incident to determine if something can be done to prevent it recurring.
Thales Australia has commissioned Acoustic Consultants to undertake reporting and monitoring of noise levels on Garden Island.
The Navy
Navy berthing activities operate in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Handbook for Ships Fleet Base East (July 2001). The Handbook includes conditions related to pollution control, including noise. The Port Manager is responsible for movement of all vessels. The Port Manager takes into consideration impacts on local residents and wherever possible ensures berthing activities take place at reasonable times.
The Navy has implemented measures to reduce noise on ships berthed on Fleet Base East, including the fitting of acoustic shields to surround the work activities. These shields aim to reduce resonating sounds generated by the maintenance work on the upper-deck.
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