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Garden Island Maintenance Dredging
The sea bed for which the maintenance dredging is proposed is owned by the NSW Government, administered by the NSW Maritime Authority, and leased by the Department of Defence. Proposed works; The works comprise maintenance dredging of Fleet Base and Garden Island wharves to maintain function for Naval requirements. The works require mechanical dredging plant, including a barge-mounted bucket excavator, and three to four barges, which would be located predominantly at wharves along the western side of Garden Island. The dredging plant will excavate sediment from the sea bed and load it into awaiting barges. Maintenance dredging is continuing and is as follows: FBE 1N 1S 2 & 3 Completed West & East Dock to completed in Sept Cruiser Wharf to be dredged in Oct FBE 4 & 5 to be dredged in Sept/Oct The contractor will then be moving onto the Off-Shore areas, incl. Gun Wharf, Oil Wharf & Navigation Channels. Works anticipated to be completed by early March next year Potential Impacts on Surrounding Areas; Maintenance dredging operations could cause some minor temporary impacts to residents and businesses in vicinity of Garden Island. These include: Temporary increase in traffic movements for the first six to eight weeks of dredging. Temporary noise emissions from dredging plant and equipment have the greatest impact at Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf during dredging along Fleet Base wharves
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