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FBE 1, 2, 3, 5: Complete FBE 4: Will be dredged 28/10/10 – 10/11/10 Cruiser Wharf: Currently Dredging Cruiser Wharf, with view to complete by 28/10/10. Extended hours of work [7am to 10pm] has been granted for Cruiser Wharf areas only so that contractors can expedite the dredging activities if required to meet the deadline. Dredging contractors will adhere to existing noise restrictions. East and West Dock: 95% complete. Dredging of sediments for on-shore disposal will be complete by mid- November. Trucking activities related to the dredging project shall cease by end of November 2010. Off Shore Sea Dumping Permit has been obtained and dredging of Oil Wharf, Gun Wharf and Nav channels will commence mid November 2010. Sediments dredged from these areas are to be taken by barge to a designated area within the off shore dumping ground.
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